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A cellular-automata land use model for the R software environment

Though there are a number of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) applications presently available for other types of land use models, such as Huang’s Change Analysis (logistic regression), and Purdue University’s Land Transformation Modeller (LTM) (Artificial Neural Networks), there are few fully operational implementations of true CA models for land use modelling in the Open Source community. In addition, stand alone model frameworks do not usually incorporate  appropriate statistical goodness-of-fit comparison techniques for model evaluation, something that is normally carried out externally in statistical software packages.

This website is dedicated to the development of SIMLANDER (SIMulation of LAnd use changE using R) , a CA land use model for the R software environment. The R platform, with its extensive developer and user community, and its clear relevance for model building and scientific computing, seems to present an ideal environment for geographical land use modelling.


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