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SimlandeR cited!

simlandeR was cited by Simon Moulds, in his PhD thesis.

Moulds, S. (2016). Toward integrated modelling systems to assess vulnerability of water resources under environmental change (Doctoral dissertation, Imperial College London).

The thesis is available here:

Thanks Simon, I hope you found simlandeR interesting.


SimlandeR v1.05 now available


Download Simlander latest version v.1.0.5 (Rscript and sample data)

In Version 1.05, the main changes are in the way the demand is calculated, and a lot of general tidying up. The script should be alot easier to follow and contains much less redundant code

Also added the following code to remove the over-allocation issue

#test for duplicates that inflate the number of cells allocated
difftrans 0) {
result2 <- head(result,-difftrans) #remove the duplicates from the end of the file (the weakest candidate cells)
result <- result2

Richard Hewitt 28-March-2017