APoLUS-SIMLANDeR Land use modelling course, UNAM, Mexico

Just back from Morelia, México, where I have just given a 3 day training course in cellular automata land use modelling in R at the Centre for Research in Environmental Geography (CIGA), of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).  We used the SIMLANDER framework to simulate urban change patterns and then moved on to look at ways to incorporate actor behaviour into land use models with APoLUS. Was fantastic to meet so many like-minded researchers grappling with problems like deforestation, habitat degradation and global change issues generally. Thanks very much to Jean Francois Mas of CIGA for organising, and to everyone who attended for making me feel so welcome in México.


Trying not to bore people out of their minds talking about cell neighbourhood rules…

Course structure

Day 1:
Introduction to the topic (CA for modelling land use change)

R Tutorial 1: Introduction to working with geospatial data in R, general R commands, reclassification, simple scripting

R Tutorial 2: Making life easier in R, colours and legends, developing accessibility and suitability maps, more scripting.

Day 2:
R Tutorial 3: A simple CA model of urban land use change (SIMLANDER). Neighbourhood, random, zoning, transition potential, and land use demand.

Multiple land uses, multiple decisions – Introduction to APoLUS

R Tutorial 4: Calibrating the APoLUS model and running simulations.

Day 3:
R Tutorial 5: APoLUS – simulating actor decisions and developing scenario narratives

Group work and discussion

Day 4:
Conference: “Integrating actor behaviour in cellular automata models of land use change”)


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