SIMLANDER v.1.0.2 – Model updated and Improved february 2014

I’ve prepared an updated version of the model which runs much faster than before (about 10 minutes to complete, instead of 20). Thanks very much to Dr Graeme Hill for the improvements to the code.

The coding for the stochastic parameter also made very little sense. I’ve updated that too. The new code is posted on the script page and updated elsewhere too. The next task is to get the model running for multiple land uses. We’ll see how we get on!


2 thoughts on “SIMLANDER v.1.0.2 – Model updated and Improved february 2014

    1. richjh1916 Post author

      Hi Dr Omrami,
      you can download the sample data files and the instruction manual (.asc format) from the “about” page
      just change the file extension of the downloaded file from “.doc” to “.zip” and uncompress the file.
      Actually I have 2 new versions of the script routine (v.1.0.3 and v.1.0.4). I haven’t had time to put them up. The main difference between them is that version 1.0.4 calculates all the urban land at once instead of adding to the previous year. Maybe it’s not more realistic, but it offers more flexibility and its closer to Roger White and collaborator’s original cell-based model. Thanks for leaving your email address, I’ll send you the two lates versions right now.


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